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College Students & DUI: What to Expect

college dui consequences

College drinking hijinks in the movies are one thing. Their consequences in real life ar…

11 Hidden Costs of DUIs in Lancaster County

DUI costs in Lancaster

A DUI in Lancaster County isn’t cheap. From the moment you’re arrested, costs begin to add up quickly, making a significant financial impact on you and your…

How to Tell Your Family or Boss You Got a DUI

got a dui

Getting arrested for suspected driving under the influence (DUI) was hard enough. Now, you’re faced with the difficult task of telling the people around you—your spouse, supervisor, even your children. This guid…

Underage DUI in Lancaster, PA: A Guide for Parents

underage DUI in Lancaster

Your underage child has been busted for driving under the influence. Your first concern is for their safety. Once you know they’re okay, you start to wonder how the charge will impact your son or daughter—and your…

Ignition Interlocks in Lancaster County: What Drivers Need to Know

ignition interlocks in lancaster county

As if a drunk driving conviction itself isn’t difficult enough, you may also be facing penalties that include the installation of an ignition interlock.

Here’s what you need to know about ignition interlocks in…

“Can Police Make You Take a Breath Test?” and Other DUI Questions

dui | duid

Getting stopped by the police for suspected drunk or drugged driving can be confusing and scary, especially if it’s never happened to you before. People often have questions about what officers can do during a…

How to Get Help after a DUI in Lancaster, PA

alcoholics anonymous

Driving under the influence (DUI) is the most common crime among Lancaster County adults. And it’s a charge that can quickly throw a good person into a toug…

How to Get a DUI if You’re in Lancaster County

dui victim

Don’t drink and drive. You know the drill, right? Well, there are more ways to get a DUI than tossing back one (or a few) too many drinks before getting behind the wheel. Here’s how to get a DUI—and it’s easier…

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